Friday, September 12, 2014

Find saved passwords in chrome - Chrome Sync

Hi friends here I am going to tell you  about a simple feature in chrome which will surely help you .

As we have different password username combinations for different sites that we use  , it will be  very hard to remember all those. So we always try saving  our passwords in our browser itself . Most of the web browsers  chrome, internet explorer, mozilla firefox etc allow us to save our passwords . But what will we do if we forget the password for one of the sites and we need to find it. Even though the password is saved when we take the site it will appear like ********* (see the below image).

If you are using chrome and have signed into chrome using your google account , then you can find your password easily using the below steps.

Step 1

In settings of chrome search for password

Step 2

click  on manage passwords.

Step 3

In the pop up that appears search the name of site that  you need to see the password. (here I searched for facebook)

step 4

Click on the button on the right side .

Step 5 

Give your windows password for security.

Now you can see your saved password