Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Extra content at the end of the document - Error fix free hosting

This is a common error that is shown in google chrome , mozilla firefox when we are visiting some websites that we have made on some kind of hosting services available in the internet. This error mostly appears  when your site is made in a free hosting service such as GoogieHost. 

The reason for this is some extra contents put by our hosts , mostly for some traffic tracking purpose or to publish some ads on our website . I had the same error when  i tried 000webhost and googiehost . 

When I saw the source of the site I understood that googiehost is redirecting all i phone anf android traffic from my site to their site . The source of the site is as follows.

Actually it is not an error that we have made. It is our hosting providers who is putting this error causing codes in our site.As the code comes right after the </html> tag it causes most of the browsers to display an error message like  "Extra content at the end of the document" 

The only way to remove this problem is to upgrade to a paid host or try some other hosts which do not put extra contents on your website. Some times  requesting the free hosting provider to remove the extra content will help you.