Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Found a spelling mistake on google , a real one . Blogger

 I am  so excited to find  spelling mistake  in google , because this is  for the first time that  I am seeing a spelling mistake in google. This mistake actually  appeared in +google's +Blogger ;

I think you can understand about that spelling mistake from the below picture itself .

Instead of "other" they just wrote "othere" ,even though it is a small error I am so excited to find that one ,because it is  on the 'Google ';

When I found that  error first I searched on google , the meaning of othere  and then understood that it is a spelling mistake .

You can see this error yourself if you have a blogger account at  google ; First you need to get into your blogger account and then select Templates  . Then select the Revert to classic templates.

Now you will be able to see the error page as the image shown in the beginning of this post.

Want to see a video on this ?