Friday, September 19, 2014

I am an online earner - web money

Hi friends  this is not a post on anything technical it's all about making money . Money is the base of everything  for everything . I am spending a lot of hours making something on the internet , blogging etc. For me to make a thing it should be financially  sustainable . I am trying to make money with everything that I knew from my experience . Even though I am not the owner of a popular site  I am currently manages to make about 45-65 rupees daily ( it is nearly one dollar ) with an increase in this rate by 1 rupees daily , and it is enough fro me to do a mobile recharge daily and also I could pay my internet bill. But the interesting thing is that I have invested nothing to make this daily income . From my experience I can tell you that technical knowledge is not at all important in making money from internet, then what supports your online income is just the time you are willing to work for it.

There are several methods through which I am following to make money and I am not posting any of them here  because I also need to make some money with you ( you can also do the same with others ,but it is not just about referring users to a website ) . If you are interested  you can just follow me , +Anuraj TS  in google plus . If you are contacting me  I can surely help you to get a good start ,  but you should be ready to spent some time for it daily.  I know how to make you earn 30 rupees daily income by spending  30 hours total  , one hour work daily.

 So you can decide the rest...