Friday, September 12, 2014

Diverting all calls from your friends phone number to yours - Mobile tricks

Do you need to forward  all the calls from your friends number to yours ?

If you have got your friends phone in your hand just type *004*your number#   on it and just press the call button .Now all calls that reaches your friends mobile phone will be redirected to your number 

This works same as the ordinary call divert available in phones settings ,but the difference is that the phone will not show the call divert symbol , So your friends is not going to know the active call divert in his device .

But there is a problem with this trick , the caller will get a message that the call is being diverted. But you don't have to worry ,nobody will be getting your number  ,that is  the number to which the divert  is done will remain hidden  .

Now go and test this hidden call divert on your friends mobile  phone. Some times this will help you to hack (leak) your friends phone calls;