Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fusebux scam or legit ? Fusebux ptc review - fusebux.com

If you are here via  a search engine you should be eager to know whether the fusebux - ptc site is scam or not ;

It was working fine , even up to a couple of weeks ago . But I felt that the number of ads that they are showing is decreasing day by day.. So I made an investigation on fusebux with the help of google to know whether it is fare or fake site.

Finally I concluded that fusebx is a scam site because of the following reasons ;

1 The number of ads is decreasing day by day
2. There are a lot of posts in twitter telling that fusebux as a scam. Use can also see them under the hash tag #fusebux or simly make a search on twitter 
3. Several posts are on internet saying that the fusebux as a scam site
4. Fuse bux has stopped paying out and is blocking users from posting on there forum . A good ptc sites never prevent users from posting on their forum 

So I discontinued my activities on fusebux ;

But i found these ptc  sites clixsense and  ojooo as not scam ; If you are interested in them you can join me ;