Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PaisaLive.com Is it really a scam ? Paid to check emails

Is paisalive a scam site ? No surely not , It can be trusted 100 % ; But I am sorry to say that you should stop your activities on Paisalive , Do you know why ? read the rest...

I joined paisalive  2 years before and I earned 108 and stopped my activities on paisalive as I understood that it is  really hard to earn  money in paisalive . Even if it is  said as a paid to check email site , it is actually a kind of ptc site like clixsense .  They are doing the same thing as ptc sites like clixsense are doing .

Today I  opened my paisa live account after 2 years , Now I can see an extra  inbox labelled as " Free Recharge emails " . The recharge emails have relatively high payout than normal emails in paisalive inbox.

But I think that anyone should not waste their time  on paisalive ; You can make a lot if you are doing online tasks and watching ads in clixsense or probux .

Paisalive pays 2 rupees for each of user that you refer  where as in ptc sites you will be getting 10 % of what your referral is making and is for your lifetime ...So more number of referrals you have , you can do more relax at your home ;

About  ads
Paisa live pays you 0.25 Rupees for a 40 second ad  , if you are using clixsense you can make  8 five second ad clicks in clixsense or probux ptc sites ; In normal ptc sites 40 sec means atleast 8*0.01 $ = about ) 0.50 rupees , which is double than that of paisa live and also if you are not interested  to see ads in ptc sites yo can just make  money by doing online jobs which will pay you atleast  0.2$ per task or else you can take a survey too , surveys can bring a lot into your pocket , I am making  about 1-2 $ a day from toluna and opinionworld surveys from  clixsense. Another bad thing about the ads that are shown in paisalive are  they are actually pay per action ads ,that is they will  pay you when you complete some registrations in some thirdparty websites  where as in the case of ptc sites they are not forcing us to do any kind of irritating tasks ;

So I recommend you to discontinue with Paisa live and Loin any ptc sites ;