Sunday, September 21, 2014

Netropolitan A social network for rich people ? Registration fee $600

A social networking site for rich people only ? Yes Netropolitan it is. Only rich people can register and also you should give the proof of total assets that you have. Any rich people with atleast 21 of age can join  Netropolitan .
Initial registration fee is $600 and to extent the account after one year of usage to one more year you need to pay another $300 ; Netropolitan users are not allowed to share their inside activity to outside world , this just makes it an extremely  secret club.They are not making the count of registered users public ;

 . I know we people are not going to join it in our entire life , but if you are eager to know more about this worthy thing you can make a visit to their facebook page ;

Some  comments that the users make on the page is very funny to read lik the one below;

This comment was found on their post

Here is their official facebook page

Are you going to join ?