Friday, September 19, 2014

Open all pubic webcams using a simple google trick - google search

This is a simple search trick , some people will mention it as a google live camera  hack or google  security cam hack . Most of the security cam pages that various institutions use follows a particular url pattern , but you know google is a great thing it indexes each and every url on internet including the urls in which the security camera live view is set up. Getting access to these kind of urls will allow you to see what the cam records live , and if you know the pattern of urls in which the live cam is set up then  we can use inurl: tag to get the indexed urls including the cam url pattern. The thing that really helps us to find the url is that the url patterns are similar for cams of same companies which have manufactured the camera . The process is so simple if you have a url pattern , suppose the url pattern be URL then on google make a search for inurl:URL

See a live cam that i found using this google trick

So the following is the queries  to be made on google to find the cams of various companies

So enjoy googling for live cams .

How is it ?let me know @ +Anuraj TS