Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get the password of your friends facebook account , google account or anything else in chrome or firefox

I am not promoting any kind of hacking, but there are several people who are very much interested to know "how things work" , searching for some pieces of information . This post is  for made only  for such people. Apply the below trick on your close friends only..

The trick that i am going to explain may be something that you have  already tried . ( if so try again :) ) and also this is not a  proper  way of hacking it is just a trick .

Things needed

1.Physical access to your friends computer
2. Your friends passwords must be  saved by himself in his computer , either in chrome or in mozilla firefox ( Most of the people do this in their computer with an intention of  saving time)

How To Steal Password

Here i am showing a demo using my own saved password (in chrome). So when i open the facebook main page it will look like

******** is the password . To see what it is just  do the below steps.

1. Bring the pointer to password feild

2 Right click and select "inspect element"

3. Find an html element with type="password"

4 . Right click and select "Edit as html"

5.Delete type="password" or change type="password" to type="" 

Now you can see the password *********** have changed to iampassword which is my facebook password.

Yo can also try this on mozilla firefox too. Try it yourself . Here i explained about getting a facebook password saved on chrome or mozilla , you can also find your friends google password , email password, twitter password anything in this same way. All you need is to know is the "inspect element".

So next time when you are finding ************* on your friends laptop  take your chance to try it .
Also don't give your computer with such passwords saved in it to someone else , they can also try this password hack on you.
All the best...