Friday, September 26, 2014

Buzzcity - For small website publishers

This  article is for small wap masters in need of monetizing their wap sites ;

Most of the  wap masters will be having a number of wap sites with very small traffic compared to other big fishes doing  the business .

I also had a number of wap sites but none of them helped me to get a daily income that satisfies , But the sum of all traffic that I really had was over 1000+ page views ;

I tried some ad networks like smatoo, admob etc but all rejected my sites because of less content, all of them are targeting on big fishes only ; As my net traffic was above thousand on all sites what I really in need of was an adnetwork  that enables us to put the ad codes in any of our sites .

I searched for one and what finally helped me was buzzcity , Even though the payout rate was low per click I really got  about 1 dollar daily from buzzcity;

So if you have a good number of visiters , but no quality content then just try your luck with buzzcity , it will really help you in money making ....

Best of luck....