Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Changing the url of blog preserving google plus comments ? Fix disappearing google plus comments?

Enabling the google plus comments on your blog will help your blog to grow faster. As soon as you enable google plus comments on your blog , along with the normal user comments everything  happening on google plus related to your site will be shown as the comments.

The google plus comments will display the following contents as comments in your website.
  • Comments made on your Blogger blog post
  • Comments on the blog post that you’ve shared to Google+
  • Shared content on Google+ that links to your blog post
For example here is a pic showing the google plus comments on my blog.

Enabling google plus comments and  then changing the url (site address) f your blog will make all google plus comments to disappear. This is because the comments are made and stored related to the link to a page on your blog. When the url is changed google plus will automatically deletes all the comments that has been made on the url , because the old url is not existing anymore . There is now way to fix this problem right now.

There is no any facilities provided by google to fix this problem , and enable us to change the blog url preserving the comments on our site . I think they may do something to solve this problem in future.

So if you have plans to change url of your blog , just do it before enabling the google plus comments.