Friday, August 8, 2014

When ibnlive reported wrong about m tracker

Some days before i saw an article from cnn ibn on there website . The article was on an app called "M tracker ". Cnn reported that this app can be used to keep the mosquitoes away as it makes some high frequency sounds harmful to them.

I decided to try that app and got it installed in a device.
Initially the app felt interesting because it pointed out our exact location on maps.

After that the app wanted us to know from us how much mosquitoes here we have .

Then i understood what the app is really doing . It collects data about the mosquito concentration in a place and stores it into their database . When another user uses the app from the same location then it will display what they have collected from the first user from  that place.
 The app simply tracks the mosquitos.

There are many foolish apps like this one in appstore . But i was wondering about the author of that article  in ibn.

Here is the  article on ibn

The app is still available on playstore

 Nice piece of programming isn't it?