Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Recover a deleted file from computer - File recovery tool for windows

Hi friends ,
Do you have a free recovery software in your computer?
If not what will you do if you have accidentally deleted  some important files and if it was deleted from your recycle bin also?.
I am coming into the topic ,i had such a situation  in my life ...i searched for a good software to do the work and atlast i found one from piriform .inc - Recuva.

Recuva can recover everything that you have  deleted from your  computer . It can also recover any drives .
Suppose if you need to recover something from your pen drive or memory card  , just connect it to your pc=>Run recuva=> Select your pen drive/Memory card and start scanning.

Fully recovering is not possible in some cases like , if you have used the drive , memory card or pen drive for  a long time ; so the space where the deleted file have occupied allocated for new files that you have added to the drive.

So if you deleted something from a drive and if you need to recover that file then never use it again until the deleted file is recovered.

There are a lot of other recovery tools available ; but i stopped searching further for new ones when found this one , Because it had all that  i need..

Below is the download link for the windows installer. Keep it on your system , once it will help you .