Saturday, August 23, 2014

removing blogger default navbar affect incoming traffic? Blogspot tips for new bloggers

Every blogger knows that most of the default template sets that google will give us when we are making a new blog will be having a navigation bar , in css it is styled as nav-bar.

Today i made a study on that blog navigation bar . I just need to know whether it is helping to drive some traffic to my site.

I clicked and clicked on the "Next Blog>>" link in the nav bar .I arrived at a conclusion that it helps new bloggers to  help some traffic but it is not necessary to get traffic from the nav bars of other sites. The sites that we reach when we click on the blogger nav bar is 100% random. Some  with the nav bar and some without .

When i did a search on this topic i found a discussion on google groups . One guy told that he is getting 25% new traffic from this nav bar of blogger.

If you need to track how many visit you are getting from nav bar of other sites just count those who are landing on the page after replacing my blog name with yours. Because as a user clicks on blogger nav bar to go to the next blog he will be taken to the link http://nextblog.url/?expref=next-blog