Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to check backlinks to your website -Search engine optimisation

Back links are those links that points to your sites. If a page has got a good amount of backlinks it means that your page is of some significance and it will surely help you to get some more search traffic from google, yahoo, alexa etc..As more backlinks you get more higher will be your sites position on search engines.

There are several free backlink makers available on internet. But  think  such backlinks made using free backlink makers are easily identified by search bots and it will not give a result as we think.  But if your sites has got some quality content then people will do link to your site without any kind of forcing.

I will explain more on backlinks and how to get quality backlinks in another post ; Here is some links to the top backlink checker tools, They will analyse and tell you how much backlink you have got ...