Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Mine ethereum and bitcoin in india | free ETH/BTC mining India | Cloud minig INDIA

Getting bitCoins and Ethereum cryptocurrencies are not easy always.

BtcXindia And ethexIndia both owned by same  company  S Capital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the leading indian ether bitcoin exchange available to indian users. Both of these sites are useful for Indians who need to make a daily profit of over 500 rupees daily. I am sure that using this will let you earn more than INR 500 daily using bitcoin trading and mining.
The process  of money bitcoin or ethereum trade is simple . First buy some ethereum or bitcoin when you think it will get a higher value and then sell the coins on a higher price.
The biggest traders in  india trade ethereum using btcxindia or ethexindia .

The idea that is explained here is not about buying ethereum and selling it , it is about mining ethereum and sell it for profit. Here you are making the Coins by yourself using some third party cloud mining companies.

Mining is the best way to get some eth/BTC to your wallet . In india mining form home is not a profitable solution.
So there is an other way - to do some mining on the cloud .

There are  some companies who gives their hashpower to the users so that we can  mine ethereum using their hardware through the cloud.

The entire Idea is simple- Mine some Coins and sell it.

Websites Used

Here is the simple steps that  will help you to earn a good profit.

Websites used for trading bitcoin and ethereum


Sites for Mining Cryptocurrencies BitCoin LiteCoin Ethereum etc.

  1. Genesis Mining
  2. Hashocean

Mining BitCoins

Get some Btc initially ( for  buying Hashpower)

  • Take an account at BTCXINDIA .
  • Get it verified
  • You need to upload scanned copies ( or photo taken using mobile phone or any other device) of your IDcard,Adhaar card,Signature,Pan card Number (Number only .No scanned copy is needed)
  • They will enable the trading on your account as soon as the documents are verified.This will be done on the same business day itself.
  • Give your  bank details to receive payments.
  • Now fund some amount to your BtcXIndia account using the Internet banking service provided by the same bank. You can also prefer any other payment methods instead of internet banking.
  • Buy some bitCoins using the mney that you have added to your account.

Now you have the btc that can now be used to purchase hashpower from Genesis mining or Hashocean.

Mining BTC/ETH

  1. Using Genesis mining
  2. Using Hashocean
Open an account at above two sites (or any one as you like). Initially you will get 15Kh/s mining power at hashocean. This will probably make you earn about 0.00015330 BTC daily without any investment. You cannot withdraw this amount unless you buy some more hashpower using your own BTC.

So just buy some hashpower from genesis mining or hashocean and allocate them to mine btc or ethereum. The daily mined eth or btc will be credited to the wallet you provide  or this can  be used to buy more hashpower.

If you are not interested in buying more hashpower using your already mined BTC then withdraw the mined ethereum to your BTCXINDIA wallet or EthexIndia Wallet and sell them at a higher cost.

How Much is the Profit?

BitCoin and ethereum Minig is always profitable .But the thing is you need some time to cover the initial expense .
In the case of above mining sites both will take about 1 month to mine extra bitcoins ( more  bitcoins than you invested initaially).
This means that all the bitcoins that are mined after the first month is your profit of the business.

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