Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Add Your Wapka Wapsite to Google Search Engine


Introduction :

Without adding our wap site to Google search we didn't get enough traffic . Adding our wap site on Google Search was too easy , if it is working on a self-hosted service , But site which run under other sub-hosting service's can't add their site on Google Search Engine easily because of some limitations and rules run over them . Here on this article you will learn about "How to add your Wapka site to Google Search Engine" .

Advantages Of Adding Your Site On Google Search Engine :

  1. Your Wapka Site will get 90% Traffic from Google Search Engine .
  2. Country based traffic will increase .
  3. Don't need to add your site on Toplist for increasing traffic .
  4. Adsense will easily approve .

Step 1 : Sitemap Generation & Robot Txt 

Before adding your wapka site to Google Search Engine you need to "Configure" some of the major functions in your "Wapka Admin Cpanel" .

Sitemap Configuration :

To configure sitemap on your Wapka wap site , You need to follow the below step : 
  1. Login to your Wapka Cpanel .
  2. Enter to the site which you want to add on Google Search Engine .
  3. Click on the "Admin Mode" .
  4. Click on the "Edit Site" .
  5. Click on the "Global Settings" .
  6. Click on the "Head Tags" .
  7. Click on the "Sitemap" .
Now you need to Configure your "Sitemap" By following the Screenshot given below .
Now you need to copy paste the following code to the Textarea and click on the "SET" Button .
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: http://yourwapkasiteaddress/sitemap.xml

Step 3 : Add Your Wapka Site on Google Search Engine 

To add your wapka wap site on Google Search Engine  you need to follow up the following step .
  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools : Click Here 
  2. Sign In with your Google A/c .
  3. Click on the "Add Site" .
  4. Add your Wapka wap site Address including www. .
  5. Click on the "Continue Button" .
  6. Click on the "Alternate Method " .
  7. Use the "Html Tag" option .
  8. Copy the "Meta Tag " .
  9. Login to your Wapka Cpanel .
  10. Enter to the site which you want to add on Google Search Engine .
  11. Click on the "Admin Mode" .
  12. Click on the "Edit Site".
  13. Click on the "Global Settings".
  14. Click on the "Head Tags" .
  15. Now paste the "Meta Tag" That you copied from Webmaster Tools . .
  16. Get in to Google Webmaster Tools and Click on the "Verify Button" .
  17. Now comes to the "Home Page" Of Google Webmaster Tools .
  18. Click on your Wapka Site Address .
  19. Click on the "Sitemaps" Tab .
  20. Click on the "Add/Test Sitemap" Button.
  21. Enter "sitemap.xml" On the Textbox and Click on the "Submit Sitemap" Button .
  22. You are Done .
Update : You must update your Site id's on Wapka every time ,  Other wise Webmaster Tools will not add your new page's on Search Engine .