Saturday, June 25, 2016

HashOcean bitcoin mining step by step tutorial | Profit making from cloudmining

 One big event in the bitcoin history is  coming - the supply of bitcoin will start to grow half as quickly on or around July 10, according to Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining.
So this is the proper time for everyone to get some bitcoins at low price.It is the best time to mine some coins and secure them in your wallet before the prices spikes up.

Hashocean is the best profit giving sites that I use. Here I am posting the step by step tutorial to cloud mine some bitcoins using HashOcean.
HashOcean is the most profitable cloud mining provider available and has got a good reputation among the other cloud mining companies on the business.

HashOcean Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1 : Signing up for a free mining account at Hashocean 

First you need to go to the signup page by clicking here.

Enter Email Address

 Open your email

Copy your password, Click Log In

  Click My Account

 you see your summary. observe every details UNDER YOUR SUMMARY.



Input your wallet address for payout transaction. click CHANGE. and set automatic payment or profit accumulation don't forget to click save . 

How to buy HashPower to maximize  your daily earning?

Click Buy

Set how many power want you to buy.. under see price on USD and BTC, then click "get payment address"

You see payment address


After you send payment wait sit back and relax.. hashocean send to your email notify you if received your payment

If you want more earning you can add more power anytime and have a 5% referral bonus..

Another good cloud mining  company that you can use is Genesis Mining . Genesis mining supports the mining of most of the altcoins and btc