Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to disable or change a key in keyboard without using cmd/command prompt and acii keycode

Due to some hardware complaint my comma key (the keyboard key with < ,) was repeatedly getting pressed automatically. This problem was annoying me for a long time and it caused a lot of headache to me specially when I was doing some coding .

I just decided to disable the key. I did it with the help of a software called SharpKeys.

What is SharpKeys?

 It’s a small utility that will let you easily map one key to another key easily, or even turn the key off, without having to enter the registry at all.
SharpKeys  manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. Included in the application is a list of common keyboard keys and a Type Key feature to automatically recognize most keyboard keys. It was originally developed in C# using .NET v2 but has been updated to support .NET 4.0 Client Profile

The software is free to download and it works with windows operating system. Click on the following download link to download sharpkeys software.

Download Link

How do I use it? Getting Started with sharpkeys

  • Launch SharpKeys, by selecting it's icon from the Start menu after proper installation.
  • Add a new key mapping or edit an existing one

  • You can click the Add button to bring up the Add New Key Mapping dialog, where you can either select the keys to map from the lists, or just click the Type Key button and press the key manually as shown in the below image.

  • Click "Write to registry" and wait for a confirmation that the registry was successfully updated

  • Close SharpKeys and either log out (and back in) or reboot to enforce the new mappings

Things that SharpKeys will do:

  • Map an entire key to any other key - e.g. you could remap Caps Lock to a Shift key
  • Remap more than one key to one single key - e.g. you could remap every key on a keyboard to the letter Q

Alternative Softwares

These are the alternative softwares  that could also be used to do the same .

1) Keytweak FREE

Keytweak is a free keyboard remapper for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7. It makes use of Microsofts Scancode Map registry key to remap your keyboard.

Operating System : Windows
Downlaod this keyboard remapper/editor : Download Link

2)  Karabiner FREE

Karabiner, previously called KeyRemap4MacBook, is a very powerful keyboard remapper for Mac OS X. In addition to simple key remapping, it has special remapping modes like Emacs-mode, SandS-mode (Space and Shift). You can add new key remappings very easily if the ones you need are not in the existing key remapping options.

Operating System : Mac OS
Downlaod this keyboard remapper/editor : Download Link

3) Key Remapper COMMERCIAL

Intended for remapping keys, mouse buttons and mouse wheel actions.

Operating System : Windows 
Downlaod this keyboard remapper/editor : Download Link

4) KbdEdit FREE

KbdEdit is a full-featured keyboard layout editor and mapper/remapper
Downlaod this keyboard remapper/editor : Download Link

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