Monday, July 4, 2016

Ad Networks for for small scale website owners to Earn Money | Wapka and Mywapblog adnetwork |pop under popup network for blogger

Making a decent amount of  money from your small website like wapka or mywapblog are not very easy beacause most of the big ad netwroks will not approve your websites/wapsite if it's quality is low. But here is  a list of top small website or blogger supported ad networks that could be used with any type of website.


  • Advertise with us with lowest price.
  • Advertise with all model plan (CPC, CPI, CPS, CPL
  • Increase your business with help of publisher.
  • Get paid via MoneyBookers , Paypal , Bank(India) , Recharge Mobile
  • Instant Mobile Recharge
  • Payment on every Monday the popunder ad network for all sites

  • Live Support : Our team can assist you via Instant Messengers. We are online daily to answer your questions
  • Full Control :You have full control over your campaign. You choose when to start, pause or stop it.
  • Daily Payments :Withdrawals are processed daily (on weekdays). You will receive your payment super fast.
  • Hourly Updated Stats : The detailed stats are updated every hour. You can monitor your campaign or revenue progress
  • Low Stakes :Minimum amount for withdrawal is only $10, for deposits it is only $5 with no campaign minimum budget.

 Earnbuzz minimum Payout - 10₹ pay per click - 0.007-0.01$

  •  Payment Through Recharge, MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer, PayPal and AirtelMoney
  • Minimum Payout is 10 Rs Through Mobile Recharge & 100 Rs Through DTH Recharge Request Paid Within 5 Minutes
  •  Minimum Payout is 2$ For MoneyBookers & Airtel Money , 5$ For Bank & Paypal
  • Our Average Payout Time On Bank , Airtel Money , Paypal & MoneyBookers is 2 Days
  •  Awesome Cost Per Click Rate Ever
  • Wapmasters Earn at 112 Clicks=1$+
  • Withdrawals Are Processed Daily !
  • Highest Cost Per Click Rate Ever - $0.009 !
  • Get Payout Via Mobile (0.17$) Recharge, (10$) Bank, (2$) Airtel Money, (10$) Paypal. minimum payout - 0.15$ pay per click - 0.005$

  •  Earn 0.005 $ per 1 click. Minimum payout is only 0.15 $
  • Refer your friends and get 25 Adv. points referral bonus.
  • We accept Recharge, Bkash (BD), Paypal, MoneyBookers, Payza.
  •  Advertisers get 200 visitors by 1 USD.
  • Accept both Mobile and Computer visitors.
  •  Payout request processed within 24 hours !

Adiwap pay per click - 0.01$ NOTE- ADIWAP.IN IS BLOCKED BY FACEBOOK !

  • Real Time Statistics & Live Dashboard 
  • You Will Get 1$ USD Only 60 clicks 
  • Gets $0.18 Per App Installs With Instant Payment
  • You Will Get 1$ USD 350 Pop-Up Impressions
  • Refer Your Friends & Gets 0.3$ Per Valid Referall 
  • We Provides Html , Pop-Up , Javascript & Mobile Redirect Adcodes
  • Minimum Payout is 0.30$ Through Recharge, Request Paid Within 10 Minutes
  • Minimum payout is 5$ for Airtel Money, 10$ for Bank, 10$ for Paypal
  • All Payout Request Completed Within 24 Hours 
  • We Accept Both Mobile & PC Visitors Of Your Traffic
  •  Real Time Statistics & Live Dashboard. 24/7 Offline / Online Dedicated Support.

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