Saturday, October 25, 2014

Download , Install and Delete : Make more than 5$ daily (Android , Iphone , pc)

Download , install , delete  and get paid for that .... sounds crazy....?
No , absolutely not if you know about ptc site offer walls . They are really giving us money when we  try the apps and services  of their advertisers .

I don't even have an android device , but with the android galaxy y of my friend  I am making an average of 4$ dollars daily from the offerwalls in different ptc sites that I use .

Are you ready to try ? It 's  really  simple just   register on some of the most trusted ptc sites like clixsense , neobux etc ( You can find a number of legit ptc sites here  ).

You need to register accounts on them and then go to the "offer walls" or  "offers"  section the name varies in different ptc sites ; Now

You can try each of these apps once after installing you can delete it after one or two days .  In all ptc sites you will find  this "offers" section and it will be loaded with a number of  "paid to try " offers . So if you  have an android , iphone then you can surely make more than 5 dollars daily . ( There are some limited apps for windows pc and phone too but android is always on top );

Also one thing register only through my referral links , because it will give me some money too ; I will get 10 % of what you make and this does not means that that 10% will be deducted from your earning ...You can also do refer some friends of yours to these sites and you will be getting 10 % of their earnings for lifetime .

So give a try on it .

Register on ptc sites
Go to offers
Download ,install , delete
n earn money ;

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