Sunday, September 8, 2013

Make your own php image conter for your website

An image counter is something that is necessary in a website . The accuracy as well as the design of the counter are to  be considered while choosing a counter for your website. Even though there are many 3rd party counters available on the internet , it is common that each such counter providing sites will include  there own ads in there counter . Sometimes such ads may be annoying to the other users also . so what  i suggest is to use your own counter ;

here i am providing a small php counter script that is very simple to use in your php website.
The script is obtained from a third party site and is completely working . If you want ,you can edit it also;

  • PHP 4.4 or newer

GCount comes with many styles and you can also easily add your own styles! A few default styles are shown below:
Style 7seg
Style led
Style links
Style bellbtm
Style bbldotg
More styles included in the download!


The method to to install the script is there in the readme file inside the .zip file. Just read the instructions and follow them;

Download link : gcount free php conter code click here to download

                                                                                                                  thanx for reading !