Sunday, September 8, 2013

2 methods to Access the source of chrome extensions.

 As a Developer viewing the creations of others is of great importance. I studied a lot of things in html and css because the sources of most wonderful works in css and html can be viewed easily.

Now  i am sharing a method to see the source code of any chrome extensions ;

"Chrome extensions that we download as .crx files are zipped html,javascript and css files. The chrome extensions are made using a combination of html css and javascript;"

Method 1  

1. Go to chrome store and select any extension to see the source.

2. Now copy the portion of the url as shown in above picture. only the lengthy string that is marked in the picture is to be copied ( this string is unique for every chrome app). The portion after the question mark is not needed. you should not copy the question mark also.

3. open your user account as shown and find the folder named "AppData" and then enter into that folder.

4. Now paste the copied key to the sserchbox and make a search.

5. Open the folder with the name of the key that we searched and open  the next folder that appears as shown below 

6 .Now you can see all source files of the extension. open anyone and see its source

Method 2

This method have less steps but is difficlt to do ;

The .crx file that we download as chrome extension is actually a .zip file. So just download it with the help of any download manager and then open it after renaming with .zip extension.

But it is not very easy to download the .crx file from chrome store with a 3rd party software.

So method 1 is recommend to use method 1

Thanx for reading.....