Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to set up a VPN (freeware) | Virtual Private Network

VPN is the shortform of virtual private network.
The thing is actually very simple . It is used to interconnect the compters in different loactions . In such cases it is not able to make a LAN network as the individual systems are far apart from each other.
So what actually a  VPN does is it connects the computers in different locations to establish a LAN connection in between them . The VPN networks are highly secured and no one can see the contents . The same  feature can be utilized to unblock the sites that is blocked in our region .

Here is the easy solution to make a VPN - Comodo EasyVPN.

Step 1 : Download the software
Step 2 : Read the start guide to know about installing it.

To know more about this easy vpn just go to the link.

There is also a large number of other vpn softwares are available on the internet.